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Did you know that in Europe, genetically modified (GM) crop commodities play an invisible but important role in our daily lives?

Biotech cotton, for example, is used in the weave of many of our bank notes, as well as to produce our clothes. High protein soy and maize products are also important feed stocks for the European animal sector. In total it is currently estimated that 60 kilos of GM commodities per European citizen is imported into the EU each year for a grand total of over 30 million tons. The scale of demand for these products makes our ability to access them through international trade vital.

The issue of biotech crops is also high on the EU agenda. At the time of writing the European Commission is reviewing the authorization system for GMOs; the Council of Ministers will adopt a legislation enabling Member States to ban GMO cultivation; and new import approvals for biotech crop traits have been suspended (likely leading to some trade disruption and higher food prices – but that’s for later).

On this blog, different authors will share stories about trade in GM crop commodities. How are these trade flows governed in the EU and internationally? Are there any new trends? What benefits do they bring and to whom? And where will this ultimately lead us?

We hope to contribute to this debate by bringing you insights from senior business and thought leaders, external experts, scientists, NGOs, journalists and bloggers.

So without further ado – welcome to our Trade Talk blog!

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